Training and Safety

The SANYNJ-ILA-PPGU Training Center remains the cornerstone for expanding the skills of the existing workforce, while welcoming and orienting those individuals just entering the workforce. The Center, through coordination with vendors and Marine Terminal Operators (MTOs), ensures that all those entering the industry receive basic equipment training and works directly with each of the MTOs to coordinate specialized terminal-specific equipment training. All equipment-specific training is provided by ILA trainers at employer terminals across the port.

The state-of-the-art facility aids Employers in meeting their OSHA, USCG, and other Government Agency obligations in facilitating classroom training. The Center also serves as a base for industry organizations, who regularly conduct meetings, seminars, and specialized training.

Classroom training, which includes New Hire Orientation, Hazardous Materials, Security Awareness, Respect & Dignity in the Workplace, and Vessel Gang Training is also organized and scheduled at the Center for the greater workforce. Security Officer Training and Security Awareness Training for PPGU members take place at the Center as well.