The health and welfare of our port workers continues to be the overall focus of the SANYNJ Safety Team, its Members, and all Labor groups port-wide. Working together to ensure a safe and productive workplace, while raising each individual’s safety consciousness, has been the overarching goal at the car, cruise and container terminals.

SANYNJ, an active member of NMSA (National Maritime Safety Association), continued to play a role in advising policymakers on initiatives to enhance safety for workers on the waterfront. With representatives on both the Board of Directors and the Technical Committee, SANYNJ collaborated with OSHA (U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and other national organizations to enhance safety protocols for workers in the maritime industry. The Organizations regularly review industry standards and practices in order to increase safety awareness on the waterfront, share best practices, and promote accident prevention measures.

Reinforcement of port safety initiatives and identification of areas for improvement are affected collaboratively by two organized safety teams. The SANYNJ-ILA Joint Safety Committee, comprised of representatives from both Management and Labor, and the SANYNJ Safety Committee, which includes safety personnel representing direct employers in the port, are committed to promoting safety in all sectors of waterfront activity. Both groups work diligently to increase safety awareness throughout the workforce. ‘Safety First’ is the overall commitment by Management and Labor alike.

Both the SANYNJ-ILA Joint Safety Committee Meetings and the SANYNJ Safety Committee Meetings serve as valuable forums for sharing key information presented at the quarterly SANYNJ meetings.